Cloned simulators in UI Test execute in parallel not available for simulator push notifications

Number:rdar://FB8909935 Date Originated:Nov 20, 2020
Status:open Resolved:
Product:Xcode Product Version:11.4.1
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Cloned simulators in UI Test execute in parallel not available simulator push notifications
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Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior
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Xcode 11.4.1
Please describe the issue:
The cloned simulator created when running UI Tests with "execute in parallel" selected is not able to receive "xcrun simctl push …" push notification messages. Also, running "xcrun simctl list" does not list the cloned simulator.

Because of this bug, I am not able to automate the process of testing push notifications.
Please list the steps you took to reproduce the issue:
1. Open the attached sample app
2. Build and run
3. Allow push notifications
4. Stop app
5. Product->Test to run SampleAppUITests
6. In Console log (View->Debug Area->Activate Console if not visible), search for "Simulator UDID: "
7. Select and copy UDID string
8. In Terminal: 'xcrun simctl push <udid> com.rsmcalister.SampleApp <path to SampleApp>/SampleApp/SampleApp-apns.json'
9. Response "Notification sent to 'com.rsmcalister.SampleApp'" in Terminal
9. Push notification received in Simulator 

10. Product->Scheme->Edit Scheme
11. Click Options… for SampleAppUITests and Select "Execute in parallel"
12. Repeat steps 5-8 (Note: you might have to go into Settings app to turn on Notifications for SampleAll in Simulator clone)
13. Response "Invalid device: <UDID>" in Terminal
14. Push notification not received in Simulator clone
What did you expect to happen?
I expect to be able to send push notifications to Simulator in both modes, parallel or default.
What actually happened?
During UI tests with "Execute in parallel" selected
- Response "Invalid device: <UDID>" in Terminal
- Push notification not received in Simulator clone


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