EKEventStore requests access to Contacts when initialized (macOS)

Number:rdar://FB8918491 Date Originated:Nov 26, 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:EventKit (macOS) Product Version:
Classification:Bug / Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:100%
If a project has enabled entitlements for Contacts and Calendar access, as soon as EKEventStore is created, Contacts permission request dialog appears (for first time). Steps to reproduce:

1. Create simple macOS application
2. Enable Contacts and Calendar in Hardened Runtime Section (ensure to provide "Privacy - Contacts Usage Description" in Info.plist)
3. Add one line anywhere in the app (e.g. in ViewController’s viewDidLoad): “EKEventStore()”
4. Run application
5. Observe that Contacts permission request dialog appears.

Expected behavior: No dialog should appear until actual access to contacts is requested.

Why is this a problem: This leads to bad UX because user doesn’t initiate this flow. One could still use Calendar integration, but not Contacts.


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