Long-pressing on any lock screen notification causes any notification sound that is currently playing to suddenly play at max volume

Number:rdar://FB8923322 Date Originated:1 December 2020, 2:37 PM
Status: Resolved:Open
Product:Notifications Product Version:iOS 14
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Always
Since iOS 14, many users of my reminder app have reported abnormally loud alert sound from my app’s notifications. I’ve since managed to reproduce this problem 100% of the time.

This affects notifications from all apps, but of course, is a lot more noticeable when the notification alert sound is long.

I’ll illustrate this problem on a popular app, WhatsApp. Choose a long notification alert sound for your message notification, for example, Xylophone.

Ensure that your ringer switch is enabled, ringer & alerts volume in Settings is set low, Apple Watch is removed (so that notifications are sent to the phone instead of the Watch).

Lock your phone and have someone send you a WhatsApp message. The alert volume is correct at this point as you have set in Settings.

At this point, attempt to long press the notification for the expanded notification. In fact, long-pressing any notification in your lock screen, even a notification from another app, would immediately cause the notification alert sound to play at max volume.


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