Method for checking activation status of an [Endpoint Security] system extension.

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Product:SystemExtensions Framework Product Version:macOS 10.15.4 and up
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I've been working with system extensions on macOS Catalina / Big Sur (Endpoint Security extensions to be precise) and I think there should be a non-intrusive way of determining whether or not a system extension has been approved by the user. You can of course use an activation OSSystemExtensionRequest and determine through the OSSystemExtensionRequestDelegate whether the user needs to approve it (a 'requestNeedsUserApproval:' message is passed) or if the extension has been loaded into the system (a 'request:didFinishWithResult:' message is passed). That's great but the major drawback is that making such a request when the extension is not loaded also starts the action of loading the system extension: The user is shown a system popup window and the 'Allow' request shows up in System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

I think being able to check this is very useful. Say, for instance, you have an app with optional features, one of which requires the activation of a system extension. If we could check the load status of that system extension, we could display to the user a proper UI that can either:
- suggest that it could be activated and, if/when they choose to do so, start the loading process and guide the user;
- show to the user that it is already approved and working;

There are some ways to achieve this that I've thought about, but they seem to be hacks rather than a proper way of doing things:
1) Trying to parse the output of 'systemextensionsctl list'. It seems problematic since an extension can appear multiple times in here (based on succesive activations / deactivations) and also since the output isn't particularly documented.
2) Opening an NSXPCListener from inside the system extension and determining the activation status of the extension by whether or not a process can connect to this.
3) Attempting to look for a daemon process either through something like SMCopyAllJobDictionaries (now deprecated) or by parsing the output of a 'launchctl' command, such as 'sudo launchctl list 2>&1 | grep PID'.

My suggestion is to add support in OSSystemExtensionRequest for checking the activation status of a system extension.


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