Allow locking the dock to one screen without disabling separate spaces

Number:rdar://FB8954522 Date Originated:2020-12-27
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS Dock Product Version:11.1
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:Always
With two displays, and the “Displays use separate spaces” setting enabled in Dock’s preferences, drag down at the bottom of the Dock-less screen to move the dock to that display.

Under certain circumstances, such as when giving demonstrations or presentations remotely using screen-sharing software, this behavior can be extremely problematic. There is presently no way to disable this feature without forcing all displays’ spaces to be in lockstep by disabling the “Displays use separate spaces” setting, which is problematic for the same reasons and in the same circumstances.

Please - this is the single biggest and last remaining sticking issue with macOS for me - allow the locking of the Dock to one display without disabling separate spaces per display.

This might look like splitting this feature out from the the seemingly-unrelated spaces feature, such as an additional checkbox in system preferences, or an additional line item in the Dock’s secondary-click context menu. Anything that allows me to have separate spaces and also a screen-locked dock would make me extremely, extremely happy.


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