MFMessageComposeViewController (SMS) does not check for cellular network avail.

Number:rdar://8905250 Date Originated:1/23/11
Status:Open Resolved:Yes
Product:iPhone OS Product Version:4.2.1
Classification:Bug, Usability, Performance Reproducible:Always
Summary: When the user sends a text message they need a cellular connection. If a cellular connection is not available, presenting a MFMessageComposeViewController and the user clicking send, will result in the message not being sent. The message compose view controller should know that it cannot send the message and tell the user, or application.

Steps to Reproduce: Turn on airplane mode. Attempt to send a message from a third party application using MFMessageComposeViewController.

Expected Results: Message is sent to the recipient(s) over the cellular network.

Actual Results: Message is not sent. The application thinks the message is sent.


Notes: This would be much better for developers instead of them having to determine network availability (such as for data connections.)

27-Apr-2012 04:45 PM Joe Pasqualetti |||:
Rereading the documentation the MessageComposeResult’s successful flag says “MessageComposeResultSent
The user successfully queued or sent the message.” I am closing my bug as the API is serving its documented purpose.

This issue has been verified as resolved and can be closed.



I marked this as resolved. The application must acknowledge that the extent of a ‘sent’ message is that it is queued or sent. This didn’t fit with my use of the API at the time, but it is correct.

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