Mail cannot remove attachments from certain messages

Number:rdar://10013781 Date Originated:24-Aug-2011 12:16 PM
Status:Duplicate/9906117 Resolved:
Product:Mail Product Version:5.1/1250 (OS X 10.7.2/11C40)
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
Summary: Mail cannot remove attachments from certain messages since Mac OS X 10.7. The issue is triggered only by message structure.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Import the enclosed mailboxes A.mbox, B.mbox (in mbox format) into Mail. Each contains a single message.

2. Select a message from the imported mailbox.

3. Notice that while the attachment is visible in the message it is not shown in the attachment column of the message list view.

4. Try to remove the attachment by clicking Message > Remove Attachments.

Expected Results: In step 3 the attachment should show up in the attachment column. In step 4 the Remove Attachments menu item should be enabled and choosing the item should remove the attachment.

Actual Results: The attachment does not show up in the attachment column of the list view and cannot be removed. The corresponding menu item is grayed out.

Regression: The problem is present in all versions of Mail I have seen in Mac OS X Lion, but not in Mac OS X 10.6.

[I am not enclosing the messages here as they were provided by other people and I want to keep them confidential. But the issue seems to be quite common. Not certain what feature of the message structure triggers it.]


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