NSPathControl displays improperly when sandboxed

Number:rdar://10632859 Date Originated:12/30/2011
Status:Duplicate Resolved:Yes
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.7.2
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
When using NSPathControl within a sandboxed application, it fails to show the pretty view it normally shows and instead just shows folders for everything in the path.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Add an NSPathControl
2) Pass it an NSURL obtained by an NSOpenPanel, e.g. one for a file in your home directory
3) Observe what the NSPathControl shows
4) Check the system log to see the sandbox denial

Expected Results:
A pretty view of the NSURL, including drive icons for drives or home icons for home folders.

Actual Results:
A folder for every element in the path.
Also, a sandbox denial shows up in the log:
Dec 30 15:32:08 fruitbook sandboxd[472] ([459]): PathControlSandb(459) deny mach-lookup com.apple.KernelExtensionServer

Without sandboxing, this worked.

You may have to tweak the attached sample code to use a certificate you have to ensure you get the app to run in a sandbox.

I presume this is the same bug as rdar://10323628



I'm not sure when this got fixed, but it is definitely working in 10.8.2

Closed as a dup

This bug was just closed as a dup of rdar://9720925

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