ER: Game Center Turn Based Notifications should show as game in use

Number:rdar://11145004 Date Originated:3/29/2012
Status:Duplicate/12608282 Resolved:
Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:5.X
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always

When sending Turn Based game updates for a game it should come across as a message from that Game with the grouping and icon of the Application in use. Right now it just shows as a Game Center icon instead of the application that sent the game notification, and is grouped seperately from other applications

We can currently customize the sound, by having a GKInvite.wav file in the bundle but not the look and behavior of the notifications.

This also causes a problem with the users being unable to customize the behavior of our Application's settings in Notification Center will not apply to game play requests. They'll often also have Game Center itself muted and wonder why they don't get game play requests. 

Grouping these requests in with the app's other notifications will be a better experience for both users and developers.

Steps to Reproduce:

Get a Turn notifcation and another Notification from the application (like a chat message in this case).

Expected Results:

Both notifications are grouped together and behave based on the Notification Center settings for the application giving the users one clear place to manage the settings for the application.

Actual Results:

Game turn notifications come as Game Center notifications (but somehow can use a different sound file?). If Game Center is restricted in Notification Center they wont get turn notifciations and wont know why. Many people turn these Notifications off because they don't need a sound of notification of someone wanting to tbe their friend. 

Game notifications come over as expected as a application Notification and are handled based upon the rules for that Application in Notification Center. 

Another weird thing is that turn indicators show up as a badge on the Application icon, not the Game Center icon despite the notification coming over as a Game Center notification. 

Attached is a photo showing the breakdown between the two types of notifications.


Been this way since iOS 5.0 introduced Turn Based Notifications




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