ER: Fix the Game Center Turn Based menu flow

Number:rdar://11144972 Date Originated:3/29/2012
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:5.X
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
Dupe of rdar://10177338 
Also see: rdar://11144951

Since you don't give us a way to programatically invite users (see rdar://11144951 ), we need to go through your Game Center UI. This UI is quite difficult to grasp for people not to mention it's disgusting wood and felt color scheme. The UI becomes especially strange for turn based player matches where all you need to do would be select an opponent from your friends list. 

Instead you are presented with a screen with current games in progress and a + button in the upper corner. Then once you find the + button is what you need you are given blank player slots and a very unclear and small INVITE button on each of those rose.  After you find the user you want to invite, then you are asked to compose a message which isn't useful and in most cases the user wont actually see this message. It's convuluded and unclear how to navigate, and it's definately not a very inviting UI to navigate to get people to play a turn based turn. 
It would be great if you could provide a more simple way to jump directly to the friend list in 1 on 1 games, or even be given access to a friend list array so we can roll our own UI that matches our game instead of the match creation screen. By having this it would be far better to navigate and be more inviting to the user. 

Steps to Reproduce:

Try to use the Game Center UI for creating a turn based match

Expected Results:

It's clear and consise to even a first time user, if not the developer could roll their own solution to the UI that fits their game.

Actual Results:

Not clear or concise at all and no way a developer can create their own UI for this in their own design that fits the application in use like you can with Leaderboards and Achievements. Lots of steps with unclear instructions making the developer have to provide a first timers manual on how to navigate the UI.

See attached image of the two existing flow compared to what would be more ideal. 


Been this way since iOS 5.0 introduced Turn Based Notifications


Please fix this for the good of the platform.


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By patrick.mccarron at March 29, 2012, 5:44 a.m. (reply...)

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