Game Center GKInvite Sound Not Documented

Number:rdar://11168479 Date Originated:4/2/2012
Status:Duplicate/10636525 Resolved:
Product:Documentation Product Version:iOS SDK 5.X Documentation
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always

There is a handy to use but undocumented feature in iOS 5's Game Center Turn based Notification system. You can add a file named GKInvite.wav/caf/aif into your application bundle that iOS will play when you get a Game Center notification. This is currently undocumented so it's use in applications being allowed is questionable. 

It was discovered by someone on the DevForums who said Apple said it was safe to use, but still is second hand info so very questionable.

Steps to Reproduce:

Search for GKInvite in iOS 5's Documentation

Expected Results:

Find documentation on the GKInvite sound file somewhere

Actual Results:

Can't find any reference to it, if it wasn't for a DevForums post we'd never know about it.


Since iOS 5 added Game Center notifications



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