Core Data iCloud background sync

Number:rdar://12698456 Date Originated:14-Nov-2012 11:43 AM
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Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:

A Library-style application on iOS using Core Data and iCloud should periodically download transaction logs even if the app is backgrounded or not running. Ideally the app would be able to import these transaction logs in the background, but only downloading them to the ubiquity container would be really nice.
Maybe this should only happen when connected to WiFi or use a quota to avoid excessive data usage, but in most cases the total data for the transaction logs is pretty small.

Steps to Reproduce:

The user has a note-taking application on his iPad and iPhone. At home he takes some notes using his iPad. Later during the day the user leaves the house and wants to consult his notes on his iPhone so he launches his note-taking app, but the notes he wrote down earlier on his iPad aren't there! This makes the user sad :(

If the user has cellular data, the Core Data transaction logs will now be downloaded and imported and eventually the new note will show up on the phone, but this can take a minute or two. If the user has no cellular data the new note will never show up, even though the iPhone had connectivity at the time the user wrote his note on his iPad.

Expected Results:

Core Data transaction logs are periodically downloaded to the ubiquity container, no matter if the app is currently active or not.

Actual Results:

The application needs to be running for transaction logs to be downloaded to the ubiquity container.




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