UISegmentedControl tint color isn't automatically set based on super view's tint

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If create a UIToolBar in IB, change its tint, and then drag a UISegmentedControl into it; the tint color property of the segmented control is not automatically set based on the UIToolBar's tint color.

May be related to rdar://6376299

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Interface builder and create a new iPhone view
2. Drag a new UIToolBar from the library and add it to your new view
3. select the UIToolBar and change the tint color
4. drag a bar button item to the toolbar, notice that it's tint color is set automatically
5. drag a UISegmentedControl to the toolbar

Expected Results:
the UISegmentedControl's tint color should be automatically set, just like the UIBarButonItem's was

Actual Results:
the UISegmentedControl's tint color is the default color.


See attached screenshot


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