Xcode 9 Find/Replace case-sensitivity and regex buttons should respond to keyboard input

Number:rdar://32863002 Date Originated:6/19/17
Status:Closed as Duplicate Resolved:
Product:Xcode Product Version:9 (9M136h)
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
When one of the buttons has focus, it should be able to be toggled using the space bar, as is common control language throughout macOS. This functionality does not work, even with "All Controls" selected under "Full Keyboard Access" in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts. It actually sends the space key to the editor text view, if it previously had focus.

Steps to Reproduce:
- Open a code file in Xcode 9. 
- Open Find (⌘ F)
- Click in editor text view to give it focus and place the text cursor
- Click in the find field
- Hit tab to move focus to the case-sensitivity toggle
- Hit spacebar to toggle case-sensitive search

Expected Results:
Case-sensitive search should be toggled, changing the visual state of the button.

Observed Results:
The button is not toggled, and a space character is placed into the source editor text view.


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