Invalid Swift Support error when submitting binary

Number:rdar://19645712 Date Originated:15/01/20215
Status:Closed Resolved:Duplicate
Product:XCode Product Version:6.1.1
Classification: Reproducible:Always
When building an submitting with xcodebuild, the generated .ipa is rejected with "Invalid Swift Support - The bundle contains an invalid implementation of Swift. The app may have been built or signed with non-compliant or pre-release tools."

The steps I use to produce the binary:

xcodebuild -workspace SLComplete.xcworkspace -scheme '#{app[:schema]}' -configuration Release -destination 'generic/platform=iOS' archive -archivePath '#{archive_path}'

xcodebuild -exportArchive -exportFormat IPA -archivePath '#{archive_path}' -exportPath '#{ipa_filename}' -exportProvisioningProfile 'XC: #{details[:bundle_id]}'

./altool --upload-app --file '#{ipa_filename}' --username #{ITC_USER} --password #{ITC_PASSWORD}"

When building the same project with the exact same configuration from Xcode the binary is valid and accepted.

Steps to Reproduce:
Build an app containing Swift code with the steps above and upload the generated .ipa to iTunes Connect

Expected Results:
Valid binary

Actual Results:
Invalid binary

Version 6.1 (6A1052c), Mac OS 10.10 (14A388a)

others having the same issue:

(use of atool from this thread:



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