Localized names of kMDItemKeywords and kMDItemUserTags are ambiguous in German

Number:rdar://15388067 Date Originated:05-Nov-2013 12:29 AM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:OS X Product Version:10.9.0
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
When running OS X 10.9 with the system language set to German, the localized names for the Spotlight metadata fields kMDItemKeywords and kMDItemUserTags are identical except for a variant in pluralization: ›Schlagwörter‹ versus ›Schlagworte‹, which both are plural forms of ›Schlagwort‹ (keyword). Besides being ambiguous, this is inconsistent with the Finder UI, where Tags are presented as ›Tags‹ even when the system language is German.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. set your OS X 10.9 system language to German
2. Open a Finder window
3. Select a file and select the ›Ablage‹ (File) menu
4. Notice the last item is called ›Tags‹
5. Start a search in then Finder window
6. Add a property to the search, calling up the full list
7. Search for ›Tags‹; come up empty (unless you run OpenMeta – then you get OpenMeta tags)
8. Search for ›Schlag‹; find ›Schlagworte‹ and ›Schlagwörter‹
8. Good luck understanding which is which – even the description is identical but for the key word (pun intended).

Expected Results:
›Tags‹ should be called ›Tags‹, as ›Schlagwörter‹ has been taken by keywords for a long time.

I have to look up my own post about this [https://alpha.app.net/kopischke/post/13535521] each time I want to use one of them and I am a native German speaker generally considered to have a pretty good vocabulary and more than decent grasp of the finer points of my language. To give you an idea of how confusing this is: imagine you had called tags ›key words‹ (with a space) in the English version.


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