NSExtensionActivationRules should only need to match a single activity item for a share extension to be displayed

Number:rdar://18342403 Date Originated:9/15/2014
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:iOS 8 GM
Classification:UI/Usability issue Reproducible:Yes
Currently, only share extensions whose extension rules match *every single* activity item that an activity controller is configure with will show up.

This means that if an activity controller is configured with both an image and a string, a share extension that declares itself able to share only strings will *not* be displayed in the controller.

Steps to Reproduce:
Configure a UIActivityViewController with an activity items array containing three items: a UIImage, an NSURL, and an NSString.

Expected Results:
Share extensions that support either images *or* URLs *or* text should all show up in the activity controller

Actual Results:
Only share extensions that explicitly support images *and* URLs *and* text will show up.

A workaround for this is that extension developers could use a complex predicate rule that explicitly defines the OR relationships, but I strongly believe that this should be the default behavior even without resorting to a predicate. Also, the predicate documentation is severely lacking.


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