Documentation For Custom NSExtensionItemActivation Rules Is Very Vague

Number:rdar://18150467 Date Originated:8/27/2014
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When creating an extension for your application, sometimes you'd like to include support for a custom data type that your application provides. This is useful for other applications to share data in the correct format across applications.

While Apple provides documentation here,, the included predicate does not include any of the values available in the existing keys for the extension. Such as, but not limited to;  NSExtensionActivationSupportsImageWithMaxCount, NSExtensionActivationSupportsMovieWithMaxCount, NSExtensionActivationSupportsText.

It would be helpful to either have documentation supporting how to do this, as making your own predicate is incredibly precarious considering there is no simple way to validate it.

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App Extension Programming Guide: Handling Common Scenarios -





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