itunes connect API or app

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25-Apr-2009 02:21 AM:
iTunes Sales Report Download API, or make an app the allows developers to monitor their app sales

06-Jul-2009 11:43 PM:
Being able to create an app that could aggregate my itunes connect account and garner the reports in the morning would be an incredibly useful thing to have. My morning routine consists of opening an app that downloads the reports from my itunes connect account and displays them in a nice graph. I find that my only interface with the daily/weekly sales numbers is through this app and that I use my connect account for the soul purpose of maintaining my apps.

I have read that there is another developer who has a bug/feature request already on the iTunes connect development radar and his report number is 6807195. I agree completely with his idea of apple creating an app or an API, for developers, that creates a secure means for us to receive the status of our app sales. 

Thank you for your time


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