Old backups cause Activation-Lock problems

Number:rdar://19415909 Date Originated:8.1.2015
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:iOS Product Version:7
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
If you restore an old iOS backup that was created prior to iOS 7 Activation Lock with Find my Friends enabled and iCloud signed on, restoring that backup to iOS 7 makes the device belief it is activation-locked although it is not IF the iCloud account has been renamed in the meantime.

Steps to Reproduce:
Make an old iOS device backup. The backup should have the following state: pre-Activation-Lock (iOS 7), iCloud signed in and Find-my-Friends enabled in iCloud settings.

Rename the Apple-ID of the iCloud-Account signed in on the backup, i.e. not just change the primary e-mail-address but really change the username.

Then restore that backup onto an iOS 7 device.

After restore, navigate into Settings.app > iCloud.

Expected Results:
I would expect the iCloud account to be first signed in and when trying to interact with iCloud update the displayed Username.

Actual Results:
The UISwitches are are greyed out and you have to accept new iCloud ToS. This is actually possible.

Now the switches can be toggled. Find my iPhone is turned on. Try to turn it off.

You will be prompted to enter the Apple-IDs iCloud password. Do so, although that Apple-ID does not exist anymore.

Then try to deactivate Find my iPhone. It fails and prompts you with an alert telling you to try again.

The situation can be resolved by putting the device into DFU mode and restoring from iTunes. This is unpleasant to the user.


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