Xcode 8 Crash Uploading/Validating/Exporting for App Store

Number:rdar://28290500 Date Originated:Sep 13, 2016
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Xcode 8 Product Version:8A218a
Classification: Reproducible:yes
After a success archive of an iOS app destined for the App Store (successfully built as an archive, manually signed with an iOS Distribution cert/provisioning profile), trying to upload this to iTunes Connect consistently has Xcode 8 crashing on me. Happens whether I manually sign or use automatic signing.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Build an archive of a release scheme
2. When Organizer window pops up, select just built archive.
3. Select 'Upload to App Store' to send this to iTunes Connect.

After about 10 seconds of processing, it will crash.

Expected Results:
Expected a confirmation dialog that iTunes Connect now had my IPA file.

Actual Results:
Xcode Crashes. The Crash Report on re-open is attached as a .txt file

Xcode 8 GM (8A218a)
El Capitan 10.11.6

If I build using the command line to archive and export to an IPA, when I upload via iTunes Connect via the Application Loader, I do get some errors which may shed light on something Xcode can't handle. Mostly, "ERROR ITMS-90046" errors on embedded frameworks (all packaged with Carthage; a mixture of Objective-C and Swift 2.3 frameworks).

My only development machine. Consistent crashing in this scenario.

'Uploader Errors submitting command line built IPA.jpg' and 'Xcode8.GM.CrashLog.txt' were successfully uploaded.


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