Can't Determine when a scheduled local notification will be blocked by Do Not Disturb.

Number:rdar://19315384 Date Originated:19-Dec-2014
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:any (tested w/ iOS 8.1.2)
Classification: Reproducible:Always
When you schedule a UILocalNotification for the future it would be very nice to know if that notification is going to be blocked by Do Not Disturb. Currently UIApplication.scheduleLocalNotification doesn't return any information about this and there is no public API to access the DnD settings.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set the Do Not Disturb Settings to take effect in 2 minutes.

2. Schedule a UILocalNotification that should occur in 3 minutes.

3. Lock the device.

4. Wait 3 minutes, be sad when your local notification doesn't happen.

Expected Results:
I'm trying to schedule a timer for the user. It would great if I could look and see that Do Not Disturb will be active when the timer fires and then I could alert the user that their timer will not work as expected. I'm not asking for the ability to disable Do Not Disturb, I'm just asking for the ability to see what the settings are.

Actual Results:
Since I can't predict the effect of Do Not Disturb I can't inform the user they will not receive their timer notification. And then the cookies get burned and the user is sad 😞

I believe any, but I'm testing against iOS 8.1.2 (12B440)

I realize the user could always manually turn on the Do Not Disturb setting, regardless of the Quiet Hours, but I think that's rarer. Actually, I'd suggest that if the user activates that setting while UILocalNotifications are pending Setttings could possibly list the notifications that might be missed. But that might be more complex and I'm less concerned as in this case the user is taking deliberate action that voids the notification.

any, but I'm testing on a Verizon iPhone 5s


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