List Item Deselection Different between Carbon and Cocoa

Number:rdar://7163022 Date Originated:22-Aug-2009 01:07 PM
Status:Behaves correctly Resolved:01-Sep-2009 03:03 PM
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.5.8/9L30
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
The behavior of the arrow keys on a selection of rows in a list view differs between Cocoa applications and Carbon applications.  

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a Cocoa application
2. Go to a list view in a with at least 4 rows: A, B, C, and D.
3. Click row B to select it.
4. Hold down the shift key and click row D.
5. Press the up arrow key.

Expected Results:
Only row A is selected.

Actual Results:
Only row C is selected.

This works as expected in Carbon applications, like the Finder, and iTunes.  It works differently in Cocoa applications, like Safari, Address Book, and Font Book.

I checked the HIG, and deselection via the keyboard doesn't appear to be addressed.  Selecting the next row outside of the selection, however, seems like the better design.  You don't have to know in which direction the selection was made to know which row will be highlighted, and it lets you navigate to either end of the selection.  It's also very similar to how text deselection works.

01-Sep-2009 03:03 PM:
Engineering has determined that this issue behaves as intended based on the following information:

The Cocoa way is the correct way.  Finder has been updated in Snow Leopard.

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard
August 28th, 2009


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