Cannot upload to SharePoint 2010 WebDAV shares

Number:rdar://8614331 Date Originated:31-Oct-2010 10:45 AM
Status:Third Party to Resolve Resolved:12-Apr-2011 12:24 PM
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.6.5/10H562
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
When uploading files to a SharePoint 2010 WebDAV share, the upload fails with a -36 error.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. From the Finder, select Go > Connect to Server…
2. Enter a SharePoint 2010 WebDAV share. (for example,
3. Open the Personal Documents folder.
4. Copy a file from your local machine to the Personal Documents folder.

Expected Results:
The file should copy successfully.

Actual Results:
The copy is aborted with the following error:
'The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “Some File.pdf” can’t be read or written.
(Error code -36)'
Additionally, the file will appear on the share, but will have zero bytes.


Upon mounting the WedDAV share, the following message appears in the Console multiple times:

webdavfs_agent	(finish != bytes) failed; going to _CFGregorianDateCreateWithBytes; file: /SourceCache/webdavfs/webdavfs-293.1/mount.tproj/webdav_network.c; line: 121

Others have reported this same problem:

Update 09-Nov-2010 10:42 AM:
Using cp seems to work.

$ cp Desktop/TestTextFile.txt /Volumes/grigutis/Personal\ Documents/
cp: Desktop/TestTextFile.txt: could not copy extended attributes to /Volumes/grigutis/Personal Documents/TestTextFile.txt: Operation not permitted

It doesn't handle the extended attributes ( in this case), but the file does appear on the share with the correct contents (not zero bytes like when copying with the Finder).


Collaborative reference material in Stack Exchange

Ask Different answer focuses on OS X-managed connections to SharePoint, where the file system type is:

* webdav

Other answers to that question focus on other file system types that may be used with WebDAV connections to SharePoint:

* osxfusefs
* transmitdiskfs

Ask Different question focuses on ._ dot underscore files. Answer gives examples of SharePoint interactions with NeoOffice and Microsoft Office. I plan to add an answer to the question of avoidance.

Stack Overflow answer is closely aligned with this rdar://8614331

Underlying problem, thanks to Jonukas for the link:

Information about the characters that you cannot use in sites, folders, and files in SharePoint

> … cannot start a file name with the period character. …
By grahamperrin at May 13, 2012, 10:33 a.m. (reply...)

Probably not a bug in Apple software

Finder works as expected with some other types of WebDAV server.

Suggestion: ask Microsoft to enhance SharePoint, for greater compatibility with:

— Apple Finder

— Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint 2011, none of which can save changes to SharePoint using a system-managed WebDAV connection

— other Apple and third party software.

Hint: whilst Microsoft Document Connection appears to use WebDAV for upload without error, it causes silent dataloss of extended attributes such as Spotlight comments.

By grahamperrin at April 27, 2012, 7:24 a.m. (reply...)

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