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rdar://INVALID kicstart42 Safari Crash Safari - navigate to
rdar://FB7716702 Open msschmitt macOS Can't use Spotlight to open alias to a file on an encrypted volume
rdar://FB7716688 Open msschmitt macOS Can't create alias on APFS to file on a disk image
rdar://FB7646686 Open adrian.kashivskyy iOS & iPadOS iOS: Unable to mount an external APFS Encrypted drive
rdar://FB7547118 Open greg macOS Desktop shows a different set of documents than Finder.
rdar://7533107 Works as currently designed kalle.alm APFS ftruncate does not properly return space pre-allocated using fcntl/F_PREALLOCATE
rdar://7034728 Open daniil.tishenko.99 Xcode Xcode crashes when opening Memory Graph Debugger
rdar://6468254631 Open mrhevor Xcode Xcode 9.2: Invalid Signature - A sealed resource is missing or invalid.
rdar://6143276 Open msschmitt macOS APFS file system incompatible with ordinary application
rdar://50408760 gjasny Developer Tools ranlib truncates archive modification time
rdar://49419163 vvrantchan MacOS SDK Preferences FV2 Enablement via MDM requires a logout
rdar://47206018 Open madushanbspro Developer Tools xcodebuild process crash on new builds system
rdar://46318934 Unknown thomas.munro macOS unlink(2) is not atomic (kernel/file system bug)
rdar://45672132 Open steipete macOS + SDK APFS acquires (apparant global) lock in kernel for readdir(), making parallel I/O slow
rdar://45648013 Open gregory.szorc macOS + SDK APFS acquires (apparant global) lock in kernel for readdir(), making parallel I/O slow
rdar://45250124 Open supergradha AppKit tmutil addexclusion doesn't work on APFS 2
rdar://44533931 gautamg macOS + SDK fgetxattr no longer errors with ERANGE on undersized buffer; now truncates response
rdar://44324967 Resolved jchien macOS Resource Fork updates are being issued with a wrong path in 10.14 Mojave
rdar://42931102 Closed supergradha macOS + SDK Appkit tmutil addexclusion doesn't work on APFS
rdar://41226928 Open Jeremiah.Senkpiel APFS APFS mtime timestamp numeric precision (rounding) error
rdar://39980316 Open j.a.grigutis macOS + SDK APFS + Content Caching results in unresponsive system and impossible amounts of available storage
rdar://39795915 closed mindless Disk Utility Disk Utility can't clone APFS disk
rdar://39468747 Open daniel.martin.carabias Developer Tools Isolated crash building code with the new build system
rdar://39202183 Open neil.martin83 macOS + SDK NetInstall 10.13.4 - rotational disk converted to APFS on iMac 12,1
rdar://38939209 open jamesandrewstone MacOS + SDK APFS failure to preallocate file space
rdar://38416269 open dominik.schuppenhauer macOS + SDK Encrypting an Mac (MDM) with FileVault - Recovery Key is WWWW-XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ
rdar://37195815 Open cpragman MacOS + SDK man page for fstab does not acknowledge APFS file system
rdar://37088507 Closed max CloudKit CloudKit Framework crash
rdar://36835094 Open green macOS + SDK NSFileHandle returns the wrong error code on MacOS High Sierra
rdar://36834515 Open green iOS + SDK (Foundation) NSFileHandle returns the wrong error code on iOS 11
rdar://36385103 Closed mike.solin macOS + SDK Encrypting HFS+ external HD triggers APFS conversion, even for Time Machine drives
rdar://36268180 Open sujayakar macOS + SDK `getattrlistbulk(2)` erroneously returns `ERANGE` on 10.13.
rdar://36198223 Closed supergradha macOS + SDK Appkit Hardlinked file can't be sent twice to the recycle bin
rdar://35293849 Open MichalKaluzny Developer Tools XCode crashes when moving projects between groups.
rdar://35258997 Dupe/Closed brunerd macOS + SDK fdesetup changerecovery deletes recovery keys (10.13.1/17B46a)
rdar://35057158 Open bjp macOS Issues resuming from hibernation
rdar://35052030 Open tempelmann macOS searchfs on APFS is > 5 times slower than on HFS+
rdar://35016667 Open frogor.fb.openradar macOS + SDK Upgrading from encrypted 10.12.6 HFS+ to 10.13.0 APFS makes user unable to login in some situations
rdar://34940017 Open frogor.fb.openradar macOS + SDK macOS 10.13 with APFS and FileVault2 encryption enabled deletes personal recovery keys in error
rdar://34733814 DUPLICATE OF 28082029 / OPEN chucker23n macOS + SDK / Disk Utility APFS: merge adjacent containers
rdar://34633465 open howie macOS + SDK 10.13 fdesetup changerecovery -personal with wrong password deletes recovery key
rdar://34459322 Open tempelmann macOS searchfs on APFS returns symlinks when asking for file sizes only
rdar://34371492 New dksnelson macOS + SDK fdesetup changes in macOS 10.13 (17A360a): Exit Code 136
rdar://34354833 Open dev.iceberg macOS High Sierra > productbuild bug with APFS volumes
rdar://34354824 Open dev.iceberg macOS High Sierra b9 > pkgutil bug with APFS volumes
rdar://34354817 Open dev.iceberg macOS High Sierra b9 > xar bug with APFS volume
rdar://34354809 Open dev.iceberg macOS High Sierra b9 > Bug in xar source code with APFS volumes
rdar://34251768 Open ben macOS 10.13 NetBoot Images take 8+ minutes to boot
rdar://34152177 Open tempelmann macOS APFS directory containing hard links appears empty on 10.12.6
rdar://34137842 Open tempelmann macOS searchfs on APFS does not return all hard link entries
rdar://34096467 New cwindus macOS + SDK No diskutil verbs to create/modify APFS volume reserve/quota values on existing APFS volumes
rdar://33734892 Open kuehn.karl macOS + SDK Ruby mtime not working correctly on APFS
rdar://33661501 Duplicate/31939491 (Open) mark macOS + SDK APFS performance lags HFS+ for common development operations such as working with Chrome
rdar://33610430 Open rtrouton macOS + SDK macOS 10.13 Beta 4 (17A315i): `diskutil apfs listCryptoUsers` command could be labeled more accurately as `diskutil apfs listCryptoKeys`
rdar://33610347 Open rtrouton macOS + SDK `fdesetup list` is reporting personal recovery keys as enabled users on 10.13 Beta 4 build 17A315i
rdar://33577298 Duplicate/33506357 jm macOS + SDK 10.13 (17A315i) Parallels Desktop fails to load kexts
rdar://33455597 Dupe of 33454616 tempelmann macOS FSCatalogSearch and searchfs() on APFS do not ignore case in file names
rdar://33454922 Dupe of 33428180 tempelmann macOS FSCatalogSearch returns invalid file references on APFS volumes
rdar://33454616 Closed tempelmann macOS FSCatalogSearch returns paramErr for APFS vols when requesting backup date
rdar://33428180 Closed tempelmann macOS FSCatalogSearch does not work on APFS volumes as claimed
rdar://33423544 Open armin.praher macOS macOS 10.13 Beta3: fdesetup remove doesn't update preboot (user still able to login to FV2)
rdar://33284118 Open armin.praher macOS fdesetup changerecovery fails when using a recoverykey instead of a password
rdar://33262770 Open armin.praher macOS "fdesetup add " fails when using a recoverykey instead of a user/password combination
rdar://33208209 Closed adrian.kubisztal macOS 10.13 APFS Build DMG from APFS Recovery volume
rdar://32994537 Duplicate/32862539 tim1724 macOS after a few days, APFS stops handling writes
rdar://32984063 Duplicate/32747641 marquissm Binary produced in a different directory cannot be copied correctly with NSFileManager.copyItem* on an APFS volume
rdar://32968927 Open lenny.khazan macOS APFS: space from deleted files is not reclaimed
rdar://32934061 Duplicate/32928868 (Closed) mark macOS + SDK APFS performance lags HFS+ for common development operations such as Chrome
rdar://32928868 Closed mark macOS + SDK APFS: Something is changing timestamps (last-modified time) of executables and dylibs, triggering build systems to rebuild unnecessarily
rdar://32926460 Duplicate/32747641 (Closed) mark macOS + SDK APFS is prone to data loss on hard power-off in ways that HFS+ is not
rdar://32925139 Closed mark macOS + SDK After much heavy network activity, all networking stops, kernel_task spins at 100%, ifconfig and AirPort menu extra hang
rdar://32799008 closed me macOS `readdir` on APFS is not sorted.
rdar://32720223 Open mark macOS + SDK APFS: Provide posix_fallocate() (WWDC 2017)
rdar://32654811 Closed as Duplicate eriknicolasgomez Installation InstallApplication does not work with High Sierra
rdar://32654662 Open eriknicolasgomez Installation Sending multiple InstallApplication commands to a macOS device causes only one to download/install despite responding Acknowledged to each command
rdar://32629312 Open thedov macOS + SDK hdiutil doesn't accept -srcfolder arg for APFS volumes
rdar://32617299 Closed averymagnotti macOS + SDK hdiutil does not support creating hybrid APFS disk images
rdar://32609766 Duplicate/31420822 SaagarJha28 macOS + SDK (Installation) Installing macOS High Sierra reset or changed some settings
rdar://32483489 Open s.alpieiev iOS+SDK Unexpected change in file modification date after copying this file on iOS devices with APFS (iOS 10.3 or later)
rdar://31360501 Resolved igeek1 Developer Tools iOS Simulator should simulate file system-based file naming restrictions
rdar://31265273 closed Norio.Nomura iOS + SDK The Backup Agent of iOS 10.3 crashes, if there are duplicate files with Unicode normalized names
rdar://30928262 Duplicate (Closed) macmade Developer Tools Xcode randomly crashes when opening a project
rdar://30706426 Closed jake.petroules iOS + SDK fcopyfile does not respect COPYFILE_CLONE
rdar://30684036 Open anders iOS + SDK writing non-ascii filenames with legacy C functions makes APFS inconsistent with modern filesystem API's
rdar://30674481 Open frank.illenberger macOS + SDKs Crash when printing to PDF on MacBook with touch bar
rdar://27052505 Duplicate/26851172/Open futuretap OS X APFS neither implements per file nor per user data block checksumming
rdar://27052269 Duplicate/26851172/Open jvmscholz OS X APFS neither implements per file nor per user data block checksumming
rdar://26999594 3rd party to Resolve manuel macOS macOS Sierra: spinning... Providing Sample
rdar://26909215 Open corey OS X APFS should support data block integrity
rdar://26909215 Open xenadu OS X APFS should support data block integrity
rdar://26890938 Open manuel macOS macOS Sierra: Mail crash "objc_msgSend() selector name: observeValueForKeyPath:ofObject:change:context:"
rdar://26780429 Open getaaron Documentation Incorrect "it's" in APFS General Characteristics documentation

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