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Query: discoveryd

Number Status Originator Product Title
rdar://20858471 Open don OS X Get rid of discoveryd
rdar://20824426 Open CameronBanga OS X Get rid of discoveryd
rdar://20824149 Closed craig.hockenberry OS X Get rid of discoveryd
rdar://20337717 Open markd OS X [discoveryd] I have to kill discoveryd every day on my mini to get bonjour discovery to work
rdar://20171408 Open weissismail OS X Mac OS X 10.10.2: Information leak from discoveryd ('s address space) caused by valid DNS server responses
rdar://19237746 Open tom.j.burgin OS X discoveryd causes inaccurate AD group lookups
rdar://18711714 Open shadow OS X discoveryd stops responding when Adium Bonjour IM account is enabled
rdar://18698126 Duplicate of 19533980 (Open) zach OS X Memory leak / High memory usage in discoveryd
rdar://18599454 Unresolved jason Mac OS X Bonjour connections hang Adium and stop *all* IP networking on machine

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