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rdar://FB7654249 Open Yaroslav.Yashin Swift Compiler swift run --reps crashes with C/C++ dependencies
rdar://9926858 Closed verwymeren Developer Tools clang 3.0: Segmentation fault when building MacPorts port mongodb
rdar://9322366 Duplicate/9107242 wjmoore Java Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 4 segfaults
rdar://8010332 Duplicate/7989734 mark Developer Tools ld can crash when encountering a symbol in a nested anonymous namespace
rdar://7034728 Open daniil.tishenko.99 Xcode Xcode crashes when opening Memory Graph Debugger
rdar://5701791 Closed mjhsieh TCSH Segmentation Fault on certain .history in utf8 locale.
rdar://51330803 Open guillaume.algis Developer Tools / Xcode Clang static analyzer crash
rdar://50271944 Open anton.siliuk Xcode, swift Segmentation fault: 11 when trying to resolve generic function with KeyPath
rdar://49478786 Open giannis Xcode Segmentation fault while type checking complex expression
rdar://49370191 Open HordiienkoOO iOS + SDK Application crashes in background
rdar://49214269 Open yuribalashkevych iOS Crash when [UIDevice name] called
rdar://459 Open rc Xcode Swift compiler crashes when building Test when the framework uses complex Keypath
rdar://45330067 open oetjen Xcode Segmentation fault 11 when using illegal string interpolation in Xcode 10
rdar://42712580 Open rsfinn Xcode Xcode 9.4.1 & 10.0 beta: Segmentation fault in MergeSwiftModule in Incremental compilation mode
rdar://42470055 Closed jaherhi Developer Tools Xcode 10.0 (10A255) segmentation fault with protocols
rdar://39926584 open nkhorman llvm llvm crash
rdar://39242494 Resolved gvr.oleg Swift Undefined behavior in simple optimized code with mutating function
rdar://37614059 Open mayoff Developer Tools clang SIGSEGV
rdar://35110402 mikexcite Core Data / Swift Segmentation fault on NSFetchedResultsController conforming to Swift protocol
rdar://34747985 DUPLICATE OF 34522739 OPEN michaelgwelch XCode Swift Segmentation Fault: 11 during compilation
rdar://34388420 Open steipete iOS + SDK filecoordinationd crashes while processing KVO
rdar://34372201 Open matej iOS + SDK filecoordinationd crashes while processing KVO
rdar://34162269 Open spaus Xcode Swift compiler crashes during Combine SIL Instructions via Peephole Optimization
rdar://34110245 open jmtechwork Xcode Xcode Playground lldb-rpc-server Thread Crashed RPC packet thread for client tid
rdar://33550801 Open steipete Developer Tools Xcode 9b4 compiler crash + file collection crash
rdar://33102722 Open atipiksarl Developer Tools Clang crash when I mistakenly wrote some Swift code in an Objective-C file
rdar://32883726 Duplicate/32277480 (Closed) mark macOS + SDK CGColorSpaceCopyICCProfile() in 10.13 SDK results in code that won’t run pre-10.12
rdar://32873138 Open steipete Developer Tools Clang Analyzer Crash with Xcode 9b1 (Segmentation fault: 11). Files attached.
rdar://32786809 Open mkchoi212 Xcode Playground LLDB RPC Server crashing in Playground
rdar://32638362 Open mads Xcode `.init` creates segmentation fault
rdar://32589507 Open atomicbird Xcode Swiftc compiler crash with Xcode 9
rdar://324324324 Open jfmyers01 Mac OS X Gym(Fastlane) Mysteriously Fails due to Clang Seg Fault
rdar://31803589 Closed rsfinn Developer Tools Xcode 8.3.x: Swift 3.1 compiler crash (Segmentation fault: 11)
rdar://31605324 Open heath.borders Developer Tools LLDB RPC server crash
rdar://30943715 Duplicate (Closed) macmade Developer Tools Clang randomly crashes because of the [-Wunused-parameter]
rdar://30763552 Open macmade Developer Tools Segmentation fault with LD on Xcode 8.3 beta 3
rdar://30674481 Open frank.illenberger macOS + SDKs Crash when printing to PDF on MacBook with touch bar
rdar://30540924 Open eanagel xcode swift compiler crash when using a nested class as a generic prameter
rdar://30517694 Open mark macOS + SDK Context switch does not restore full FPU state
rdar://30422712 Closed lee.gillen Xcode Swift switch statement using tuples of enums with associated values fails
rdar://30279855 Open GriotSpeak Developer Tools Xcode-beta (8W109m): Segmentation fault 6 when compiling nested generics
rdar://30261147 Open nakioparkour Xcode Segmentation fault casting [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any] to [AnyHashable: AnyObject]
rdar://29265701 Open Per.Mildner.usenet Developer Tools Local label in assembly file can cause dynamic loader to crash (OS X x86_64)
rdar://29057608 Resolved marcus.kida Xcode Segmentation Faul in Swift Compiler
rdar://28800505 Open MichalKaluzny Developer Tools Compiler Segmentation Fault when bridging Obj-C NSArray of blocks to Swift.
rdar://28011726 Open nrith99 Xcode Swift compiler crashes when static computed properties in protocol extensions are declared public
rdar://27891600 Open brianaking Developer Tools ftxanalyzer crash generating add list
rdar://27674510 Open francis Xcode Create a typealias with generic optional type, Xcode 8 b3 - b4 will crash with Segmentation Fault
rdar://27671078 Duplicate prachi Developer Tools swiftc segfaults when compiling NSObject subclass with Error property
rdar://27266049 Duplicate/24260533 vdhamer XCode Xcode editor dies on specific Swift-for-iOS line of code
rdar://26158591 Open michalm.mac OS X Screenshot xattr from El Capitan crashes Lion Spotlight
rdar://25704040 Open laszlo.agardi.t Xcode Clang in Xcode 7.3 generates illegal SSE instructions
rdar://25679641 Open kuang812 Xcode Xcode Seg Faults when trying to make a strut conform to BooleanLiteralConvertible in Swift
rdar://25109211 Resolved andrea.mazzini Developer Tools Compiler segmentation fault when @objc protocol optional func uses a CGRect as parameter
rdar://24547884 Open Czechnmail Xcode Protocol Extensions May Crash Swift Compiler when Whole-Module Optimization is Enabled
rdar://24541346 Open tternes Developer Tools Swift Compiler Crash
rdar://24088330 Open m.casey Xcode Using a ternary operator in an instance let decleration causes a segmentation 11 fault when running code coverage
rdar://23345835 Duplicate of 22470105 (Open) janoschhildebrand Developer Tools Xcode 7.1 (7B91b): [Swift] Creating a @convention(c) closure using a literal closure in a generic context crashes the compiler
rdar://23319342 Open mansi.ece06 iOS SDK Crash: SIGSEGV - segmentation violation
rdar://23257608 Open crspybits Xcode Archive build results in Command failed due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11
rdar://23235185 OPEN arjun.sohaney iOS SDK App crashed while UIWebView doing spell check
rdar://23023615 Open saniul.ahmed Developer Tools Clang segmentation fault
rdar://23010642 Open rix.rob Developer Tools swiftc crash with nested generic functions using associated type in protocol extension
rdar://22941964 Open rix.rob Developer Tools Swift: swiftc crash emitting module with type constraint using typealias in constrained type
rdar://22870303 Open alex Developer Tools Swift: Calling a method with a parameter whose type is defined by a generic inheritance constraint crashes the compiler with a segmentation fault
rdar://22833487 Open GriotSpeak Developer Tools Xcode-beta (7B75): Protocol extension causes Segmentation fault 11
rdar://22702745 Open robnapier Developer Tools Compiler crash from commandline only, using -frontend -c
rdar://22205712 Open rix.rob Developer Tools Swift 2b5: swiftc crash merging module using (apparently valid) recursive type constraint
rdar://22064912 Open rix.rob Developer Tools Swift 2.0b4: swiftc infinite loop with type conforming to semi-mutually-recursive protocol
rdar://21961187 Open regexident Xcode Segfault when compiling recursively defined indirect enums of a certain pattern.
rdar://21783882 Open rix.rob Developer Tools Swift 2b3: Frontend crash with autocompleted init for StringLiteralConvertible.
rdar://21682273 Open valeriyvan Developer Tools Swift Compiler Error. Command failed due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11
rdar://21621459 Closed p4checo Xcode7b2 [Swift2][Xcode7b2] Swift compiler crashes when setting `NSOperation.maxConcurrentOperationCount`
rdar://21500900 Closed brent Developer Tools Swift 2: Protocol extension method can't use protocol method call as default parameter value
rdar://21373630 Open rix.rob Developer Tools Swift 2: Correct recursive type constraint also crashes the compiler
rdar://21373624 Open rix.rob Developer Tools Swift 2: Different error in recursive type constraint crashes the compiler differently
rdar://21373621 Open rix.rob Developer Tools Swift 2: Error in recursive type constraint crashes the compiler
rdar://21266722 Open arjun.sohaney iOS SDK The app starts with a webview. The app crashed when launched
rdar://21220076 Closed christian.tietze Developer Tools Swift: Subclass in test method cannot acces method's scope without SEGFAULT
rdar://21176676 Closed serieuxchat Developer Tools Swift compiler crashes when building of instantiating a class (see attached project).
rdar://20689312 Open dave11186 Xcode Swift compiler segmentation fault when archiving code containing Set<enum_type>
rdar://20674653 Open amber Developer Tools Swift: Segmentation fault when specifiying property type with a default value
rdar://20494437 Open pzhivkov Developer Tools / Xcode Swift compiler crashes
rdar://20481483 Open Developer Tools Compiler crash (segmentation fault) when declare a function with generic type that conform to a protocol and there are type casting in function
rdar://20442279 Resolved segiddins Developer Tools Xcode 6.2: swiftc crash when casting from protocol to any to object type
rdar://20429066 Closed m.quinones.garcia Xcode Segmentation Fault in swiftc
rdar://20220559 Open npankey Developer Tools Swift 1.2b3 - Compiler crash on dictionary literals with more than 1300 entries
rdar://20060127 Closed adamschlag Developer Tools Xcode 6.3b2: Swift Compiler crashes (Segmentation Fault: 11) with a dependency graph of several optional structs
rdar://19983226 Duplicate/18998859 alex Developer Tools Swift classes declared inside function that access variables from their outer scope crash the compiler
rdar://19920070 Open neocool2 Developer Tools [Swift] Compiler crash when casting from [Any]? to [String]?
rdar://19889552 Closed Benjamin.Encz Xcode (Swift Compiler) Swift Compiler Crashes when generic class inherits from NSObject and conforms to NSObjectProtocol in class extension
rdar://19796494 Open stevjerbs iOS SDK SIGSEGV - segmentation violation - [UITextSelectionView textSelectionViewActivated:]
rdar://19795911 Closed dwineman Developer Tools Declaring an enum within a class/struct extension crashes compiler
rdar://19790805 Open jedi Developer Tools Suitable Target Device Error in a Playground
rdar://19775284 Open jacob Developer Tools Mac OS X 10.10.2: Swift Compiler crash when emitting switch on @objc enum in another source file
rdar://19755365 Duplicate of 19040878 (Closed) kishikawakatsumi Developer Tools Swift: If define a computed variable with the same name as the type name, compiler segmentation fault.
rdar://19729224 Closed nathaniel.chandler swiftc/Xcode swiftc segfault: defining a computed var closure to call itself
rdar://19663353 Open arjun.sohaney iOS SDK Pending http request processed after app comes from background causes crash in DNSServiceProcessResult() with SIGSEGV - segmentation violation
rdar://19649289 Open r.amrutakrishna iOS SDK Failed requests when retried after coming from background causes crash (rare case)
rdar://19642034 Open garth Developer Tools Swift: reproducible compiler segfault

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