Allow non-supported localized resources on iOS like OSX

Number:rdar://11342660 Date Originated:04-28-2012
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Product:iOS Product Version:ALL
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OS X allows users to select from a comprehensive list of preferred languages, regardless of whether the system and the accompanying Apple apps contain that localization. If a third-party app chooses to support one such language, the app will launch in that language, while everything else will remain in the fallback language, usually English.

I propose iOS does the same.

At present iOS restricts users to ~40 supported languages, for which Apple has got round to localizing the core system elements. I propose Apple includes an additional submenu in iOS in the main language list, entitled 'Additional Languages', with the caveat that most apps will remain in their fall back language, unless this language is specifically supported. 

Apple could also allow users to choose fallback languages in order of preference as OSX does. That way Catalan speakers in Spain can fall back to Spanish.

Why is this important?
Many countries have growing dialects. In Wales, for example, all publically-funded projects, including apps, must contain a Welsh translation. As iOS does not support this natively, developers have to spend extra time and money creating custom string lookup.


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