FCP X Camera archives omit last clip on camera without warning [HDV tapes]

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Product:macOS + SDK / Pro Apps Product Version:Final Cut Pro (10.1.1) running on OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
Summary: When creating a Camera Archive using FCP X from an attached HDV camera the resulting archive is incomplete. I have not tested this with DV tapes, only HDV. 

Note: Although we don't record much on HDV cameras any more, we have extensive tape archives that refer back to quite frequently. The Camera Archive feature, if this flaw is corrected, would be extremely useful to our filmmaking team and likely many others (and quite possibly be a feature to entice others to cross-grade from Premiere Pro or Avid to FCP X).

Steps to Reproduce:
 1. Record a HDV tape in a camera. Stop and re-start the recording at least once*. Keep recording until the camera runs out of tape (i.e. do not press 'stop' at the end, let the camera stop recording itself).
 2. Attach the camera via FireWire and open FCP X.
 3. Open the "Media Import" screen (File:Import:Media…)
 4. Select the camera in the sidebar and press the "Create Archive…" button'; select a save location for the archive package.
 5. FCP X will rewind the tape as necessary and then begin creating the archive while displaying the footage in the "Media Import" window.

 * I haven't encountered this situation, but if one just started recording on a blank tape and let it run to the end, I suspect the same problem would occur (i.e. the Camera Archive would contain no clips, since the last one wasn't 'closed').

Expected Results: The tape should play through (with on-screen video display) and when done, an archive package should be in the requested save location containing all footage from the tape. Unless an error message appears, I would expect the archive to be a direct digital copy of all footage recorded on the tape.

Actual Results: The tape plays through until the camera stops at the end of the tape. A message appears stating that the end of the tape has been reached and that all footage has been archived. Inside the camera archive package, however, the last clip will be missing if that clip went all the way to the end of the tape. The only warning of this is that the Camera Archive package is smaller than the expected file size. If the last clip was of a short duration, one might not notice that anything was missing until a much later date, quite possibly not until after the tape had been erased or re-purposed.

Version: Final Cut Pro (10.1.1) running on OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)

Notes: Configuration: Cameras used: Canon HV20; Canon XH A1 


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Updated by submitter on Mar 18, 2014 at 10:26 AM:

Update: the same thing happens when doing a normal capture from tape; if the last clip/recording goes to the end of the tape, it is not saved by FCP X. If I stop the capture during that last recording manually (i.e. 5 seconds before the end of the tape) then the captured portion is retained by FCP X.


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