[Swift] First class support for introspection

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Currently, the Swift language does not directly support any form of introspection. True, it is possible to perform some introspection using the Objective-C runtime, but this appears to be a side effect of Swift’s relationship to Objective-C rather than an intentional design decision. Introspection is an important part of modern programming languages which puts a great deal of power into programmers hands. Without it, certain types of tasks become difficult or even impossible. This is particularly important for developers of reusable frameworks. 

Steps to Reproduce
Search for an introspection API for the Swift language.

Expected Results
An introspection API would exist.

Actual Results
Some of Objective-C’s introspection functionality can be used with Swift, but much is missing and this should be part of Swift itself anyway.


Xcode Version
Xcode 6 Beta 1

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