.xcappdata contents never copied to simulator

Number:rdar://18389967 Date Originated:18 Sep 2014
Status:Duplicate - 18050217 Resolved:23 Sep 2014
Product:Developer tools Product Version:6.1 beta 2
Classification:Other bug Reproducible:Always
I constructed a .xcappdata file and configured it into a Scheme. When I build and run that scheme, targeted at the iOS Simulator (iPhone 4s / iOS 8.0), Xcode produces this popup every time:

Application data package not copied to the Simulator

It appears you are running 'MyApp.app' on the iPhone 4s Simulator for the first time, and therefore do not yet have a data folder created. The application data package will be installed the next time you run your app in the Simulator.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Craft a .xcappdata file
2. Configure it into an Xcode scheme
3. Build and run that scheme, targeting the simulator

Expected Results:
.xcappdata file contents are installed with the app

Actual Results:
popup described above

Xcode 6.1 beta 2
OS X 10.9.5


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