Caps Lock indicator not shown in password input with display:block

Number:rdar://19892433 Date Originated:19-Feb-2015
Status:Closed Resolved:17-Jul-2015
Product:Safari Product Version:8.0.3 (10600.3.18)
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
In OS X Safari, a normal focused <input type="password"> field displays an indicator icon in the field when Caps Lock is on. However, styling a <input type="password"> with `display: block;` causes this indicator to not be displayed. At the least, there should be a `-webkit` style to tell Safari to treat such fields the same as their `display: inline(-block)` counterparts.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open in Safari on OS X.
2. Press the Caps Lock key on your keyboard to activate Caps Lock.
3. Click into each of the <input type="password> fields on the page and look at the right side of the field.

Expected Results:
Like the rest of the fields, the first field (that says and is styled with "display: block") should show a right-aligned gray-and-white up-arrow icon, indicating that Caps Lock is active (see screenshot).

Actual Results:
Unlike the rest of the fields, the first field does not show any Caps Lock indicator icon.

Safari Version 8.0.3 (10600.3.18)
Platform: OS X version 10.10.2

Original Bootstrap bug report:
WebKit bug report:
Chrome 40 also suffers from the same bug:


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The WebKit bug has been fixed as of r186963:

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