QuickTime Player 10.4: Please add feature to capture touch gestures when recording movie from iOS source

Number:rdar://22538143 Date Originated:02-Sep-2015 09:42 AM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:QuickTime Product Version:QuickTime Player 10.4 (854)
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
QuickTime is invaluable for recording screen sessions on iOS for training, documentation and marketing purposes. Please allow optional recording of meta events like physical button presses and touch events so that we can annotate video captures rather than post process the video to add these helpful items.

Steps to Reproduce:
Connect iPhone to Mac with USB cable and trust / sync in iTunes
Open QuickTime Player
Record from the iPhone to a video file
Open QuickTime Preferences and iOS preferences and look for an option to make the screen taps visible in the recording.

Expected Results:
I would like to be able to toggle a setting in QuickTime player to capture touch events and have them visually presented as part of the video recording to assist people in following the action in the video.

Actual Results:
No touch events are recorded - only a verbatim recording of what was presented on the screen is captured.

none - this is an enhancement request

As a workaround, I am using an iPod Touch to video capture the iOS device so that I can either cut both videos together in post production (rarely ideal) or then use post processing to add the touch events.

This would be ideal for showing users how to interact with an app and assist in video previews, training materials, and help educators adopt iOS for schools and in situations where you cannot mentor new users of apps one by one to show them how the touch interface works.


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