findutils, coreutils, other GNU utilities fail during build

Number:rdar://22671534 Date Originated:11-Sep-2015 05:52 PM
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Product:Developer Tools Product Version:7A218
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The latest coreutils, findutils, and other GNU utitilities fail to build from source on OS X 10.11 GM (15A282b) using the Xcode 7 GM (7A218). The problem occurs when the configure script for these utilities tries to test getcwd with path names > 4k characters, using the M4 macro getcwd-path-max.m4 (see gnulib/m4/getcwd-path-max.m4 in the unpacked findutils-4.4.2 tarball).

Not only does this cause the configure script to abort and the software not to build properly, but it also creates a subdirectory that is so large that it cannot be deleted, neither using "rm -rf" from the command line, nor from Finder by emptying the Trash.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install OS X 10.11 GM
2. Install Xcode 7 GM and the Xcode 7 command-line tools.
3. Download findutils-4.4.2 tarball, e.g., from
4. Unpack tarball
5. Run "./configure" from the unpacked findutils-4.4.2 directory.

Expected Results:
The configure script should complete and you should end up with a compiled findutils.

Actual Results:
The configure script will fail and you will be left with a  ./confdir-14B--- directory that cannot be deleted.

OS X 10.11 GM (15A282b) 
Xcode 7 GM (7A218).



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