Add URL scheme to open Safari in Reader View

Number:rdar://23684808 Date Originated:2015-11-30
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:9.0
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:n/a
With the Safari Web View Controller it is possible to open an instance of Safari within your application that loads a URL in Reader View (if available). I would like this ability in regular Safari so my application can redirect a user to a URL in Safari and default to Reader View.

One concern is that a URL scheme, whilst beneficial, may not be possible as you wouldn't be able to distinguish between HTTP and HTTPS. One way to fix this would be to a have a different scheme for each. For instance:

safari-reader:// (loads non-ssl version)
safari-reader-secure:// (loads ssl version)

Another possibility would be to use some form of query string:

However, that would be more open to issues as it would be possible for websites to include this when they want to be opened automatically in reader view when navigating a website which may be undesirable.

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iOS 9

Any iOS device


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