Xcode 8 doesn't load plugins and the new extensions interface is not powerful enough

Number:rdar://26940161 Date Originated:22/06/2016
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Product:Xcode Product Version:8
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Xcode 8 removed the ability to load plugins like Alcatraz and Xvim. While the new extension interface is a good step forward, it doesn't provide enough flexibility to implement the great functionalities that such plugins already provide.

I understand the reasons why this has been done but since the extensions interface is very restrictive, I'm asking for the old plugin architecture to be left available until the extension mechanism becomes more powerful.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Add Xvim or other plugin to Xcode plugin's folder
2. Open Xcode 8

Expected Results:
The plugin loads into Xcode

Actual Results:
The plugin doesn't load

Xcode 8






I agree that the new extension interface is limiting and I understand why Apple wants to lock down the loading of plugins to Apple provided. I think a good temporary solution would be for Apple to allow for the loading of 3rd party signed plugins. This would allow for the continual use of 3rd party plugins while ensuring that they come from a company that has the ability to sign applications. You could also allow self-signed code for developers that pull down the source and compile it them self.

My company provides a plugin for our customers to use that allows for them to configure and extend their iOS application. The proposed editor extension does not provide the level of interaction with the UI that we need to provide this functionality. I hope that Apple will make the right decision when dealing with 3rd party plugins.

By Neal.Leverenz at July 6, 2016, 12:49 p.m. (reply...)

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