watchOS 3 Timer app should allow for custom preset timers

Number:rdar://27238919 Date Originated:July 7, 2016
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Product:watchOS Product Version:3
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Currently there are 8 preset timers in the upcoming Timer app, and they are all hard coded so everyone has the same timers. This is inefficient because people have different needs, and different presets would be helpful to more people. For example, I use 4, 27, 46, 65, and 90 minute timers all the time, but none of those can be presets, so I have to do a custom timer every time

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Timer app on watchOS 3

Expected Results:
Be able to modify the preset timers from the Apple Watch app on iOS.

Actual Results:
Preset timers are hard coded and can not be changed for each user's needs.


+1 On this. I just installed WatchOS3 on my watch and it's clear doesn't do what I want.

What I want:

  • As with dock, show X most recent timers (or start with presets)
  • Allow me to pin timers (i.e. save them) to a specific location
  • Allow me to create a custom timer, which by default automatically shows in my most recent timers.

As it is currently, with the preset times, doesn't work for real world use.

By kevin.rochowski at Sept. 14, 2016, 9:43 p.m. (reply...)

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