MPMusicPlayerController can't crossfade between items

Number:rdar://29313495 Date Originated:17-Nov-2016 10:19 AM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:10.1.1
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
Using MPMusicPlayerController, it's not possible to crossfade playing music when transitioning between items. This functionality is desirable when the application wants to smoothly transition between songs (e.g. in the context of a wedding or party).

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Attempt to fade between items using MPMusicPlayerController programatically

Expected Results:
An API should be available for crossfading between items. Possibly something like `skipToNextItem(crossfadeDuration:)`, `skipToPreviousItem(crossfadeDuration:)`, `setNowPlayingItem(item:crossfadeDuration:)` etc.

Actual Results:
There is no way to crossfade between items in a MPMusicPlayerController queue.

This API doesn't exist as of iOS 10.1.1

This functionality is desired in our applications WeddingDJ and PartyMonster.

Using AVPlayer/AVAudioPlayer APIs is not a valid workaround because not all MPMediaItems can be played back with those APIs (e.g. Apple Music items)


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