Password does not sync to FileVault after unlock and change with Recovery Key.

Number:rdar://34777727 Date Originated:10-2-2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:10.13
Classification:bug Reproducible:Always
Summary: If you use the FileVault Personal Recovery to unlock a Mac, the new password that is set with the Reset Password Prompt after unlock does NOT enable the new password to unlock the disk. If you attempt to change the password in System Preferences this does not work as well. The only way to change the password in FileVault is to remove the user and readd the user with `fdesetup` using the Personal Recovery Key as the authentication source.  

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Unlock computer using Personal Recovery Key.
2. Reset Password at the initial prompt to $NewPassword.
3. Restart Computer
4. $NewPassword does not unlock FileVault. 

Expected Results:
$NewPassword should now be able to unlock the Computer.

Actual Results:
$OldPassword still unlocks FileVault, then presented with a login window where $OldPassword doesn't work but $NewPassword does.

10.13 (17A365)

All Local Accounts.


Fixed on 10.13.1 Beta 3 (17B42a)

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