SFAuthenticationSession and HTTP(S) Redirect URLs

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Product:iOS + SDK / Safari Services Product Version:iOS 11.1
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SFAuthenticationSession provides a great mechanism for users to log in to web services via OAuth. Using SFAuthenticationSession for OAuth services that allow Redirect URLs with arbitrary URL schemes (myapp://) is straightforward.

Some web services only support Redirect URLs with HTTP or HTTPS URLs. Inoreader and Newsblur are two examples of such services. In order to support logging into such services with SFAuthenticationSession, a developer needs a server component that takes an authorization code and redirects it to a URL that uses the app’s URL scheme. Such a server component might redirect from https://oauth.myapp.com/ to myapp://.

The addition of such a server component is a significant security weakness. If the server is compromised, an attacker could gain access to authorization codes.

Apple could eliminate this need by allowing an SFAuthenticationSession to have a callbackURLPrefix (https://oauth.myapp.com/) instead of a callbackURLScheme. Apple could verify that the developer was authorized to intercept requests to the URL using the same apple-app-site-association mechanism it uses for universal links.

The end result would be a more secure login process for Apple’s customers.

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Just adding my support to advocate for the recommended fix.

By jay492355 at Jan. 3, 2018, 6:47 p.m. (reply...)

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