Self Sizing + Prefetching Bugs

Number:rdar://40926834 Date Originated:6/8/2018
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:UIKit Product Version:iOS 12
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes

UICollectionView has glitchy scrolling issues and cell sizing issues when 
- isPrefetchingEnabled == true
- a UICollectionViewLayout subclass that self-sizes cells is used (but not a UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass). 

The issue occurs specifically when in the aforementioned scenario, and scrolling up to rubber band / over scroll at the top immediately after the collection view loads. When the user lets go and the over scrolled collection view begins to rubber band back *toward* contentOffset.y == 0 (the final resting state at the top), the contentOffset.y will be briefly set to 0 *during the rubber band animation* - which causes the collection view to jump to offset 0 in the middle of the animation. This is very jarring and noticeable.

Attached is a demo project with a UI test to simulate this over scroll behavior reliably and consistently. See Steps to Reproduce.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open sample project. The included project is set to use a simple, self sizing layout by default (subclass of UICollectionViewLayout).
2. Command+U to run the UI test, which will simulate an over scroll at the top in a consistent way each time the test is run.
3. Note the jumpiness. If it's not obvious, re-run the UI test a few more times.

Ways to "fix" the issue:
-  ViewController.swift:24, switch to using flow layout.
- ViewController.swift:44, set isPrefetchingEnabled to false.
- SelfSizingLayout.swift:26, override _estimatesSizes and return true. The code is already there, so just uncomment it at the top.

Expected Results:
The user should be able to over scroll at the top without jumpy animations. No special internal flags should be needed to achieve correct behavior.

Actual Results:
The over scroll animation at the top is jumpy, due to a mix of prefetching and self sizing cells.

iOS 11 (and 12)

Demo project:


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