Allow to initialize an UIImage from a URL.

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Product:UIKit Product Version:11.3/12
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Most images eventually come from http/https URLs. It's not trivial to write good code that downloads images. It usually involves following parts:

- Download image in background
- Progressive display
- Caching, LRU management, checking if file is the same/updated on the server
- resuming
- background decompressing

No wonder that rarely any app gets this right, and 3rd-party frameworks like SDWebImage, PINImage or Twitter Image Pipeline are popular.

Web browsers just do all of that as part of their core logic. Decompressing images is also hard and should ideally be abstracted away. It seems unreasonable to ask app developers to reinvent the wheel every single time.

Not even Apple gets this right, as you can see in the WWDC 2018 app:

Please add something like UIImage(from: URL("") that does the right thing for typical use cases (if URLs need auth, people can still aways roll their own)


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