UIDocumentBrowserViewController sidebar should should show a link to the app container

Number:rdar://41250610 Date Originated:June 19 2018, 5:32 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:iOS 11+
Classification: Reproducible:
UIDocumentBrowserViewController based applications currently do not have a convenient way to prominently feature their local documents to the user. They are available under On My iPad -> App Name, which might not be immediately apparent to users. We’re requesting a dedicated item on the sidebar that would function as a shortcut to this location. 

Steps to Reproduce:
Open PDF Viewer by PSPDFKit. Observe the sidebar. 

Expected Results:
The sidebar should contain an item called “PDF Viewer” or “App Documents” or similar in the sidebar, that would show the documents in the app container. Either under Locations or in its own section. 

Actual Results:
The local directory is buried under On My iPad. That list can contain a lot of directories and it can thus be hard for users to find the app container. 

iOS 11+

An alternative might be a way to request that that directory is automatically added to Favorites. 




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