UIView.transition and setting `.isHidden` property is broken in iOS 12

Number:rdar://46753872 Date Originated:12/15/2018
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:12.0+
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
Using the method `UIView.transition(with:duration:options:animations:completion:)` and updating the property `isHidden` was working fine until iOS 12. Starting at version 12, only fading in the specific view is working correctly. Setting the property to `true` immediately hides the given view, ignoring the animation duration.

Steps to Reproduce:
let view = UIView()

// Layout view etc...

UIView.transition(with: view,
                       duration: 1.0,
                        options: [.transitionCrossDissolve],
                  animations: {
                         self.gradientView.isHidden = true

Expected Results:
Expected view to fade out in 1 second.

Actual Results:
View is hidden immediately.

iOS 12


See also:

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