calculator: some unary ops in programmer RPN mode broken

Number:rdar://6912686 Date Originated:2019-08-03
Status:open Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:10.14.6
Classification: Reproducible:


still broken in Ventura

In the Calculator app, in RPN mode, in Programmer mode, the outcome of some, but not all, unary operations is 0 instead of the expected value when the operation is repeated.

steps to reproduce: - start Calculator - hit cmd-3 for programmer mode - hit cmd-r for RPN mode (if not enabled already) - enter "1" - hit "<<", the unary shift left operator - result is "2". Ok. - hit "<<" again. - result is "4". Ok. - hit "RoL", the unary rotate left operator - result is "0". Not ok. Expected "8". - enter "1" - hit "RoL" - result "2". Ok. - hit "RoL" - result "0". Not ok. Expected "4".

The "RoR", "2's complement", and "1's complement", "byte flip", and "word flip" unary operators are similarly broken.

The ">>" unary operator is ok, like "<<".

Also, perhaps related (also an unexpected "0" outcome): - enter "1" - hit "enter" - a "0" is pushed onto the stack, where in Basic and Scientific mode a duplicate of the top-of-stack is pushed ("1" in this case)

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