ObjC projects using SPM fail when we expose our models into another module

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We create an ObjC App that uses our SPM package "RevenueCat".
In our app, we create an object that uses an object from the "RevenueCat" package as part of its api.

We expose this object's header (which exposes the method containing the RevenueCat object as a parameter) as a public header.

We create a Swift test target that depends on the ObjC App and has a bridging header for that object we created.

We attempt to use the API in a test. API that doesn't include RevenueCat objects is fine, but any API that uses RevenueCat objects in the parameter is not found.


Xcode 12.5.1 (Build version 12E507) & Xcode 13 Beta 5

M1 Mac as well as Intel mac.

Swift Package Manager - Swift 5.4.0

Swift Package Manager - Swift 5.5.0

Component: Package Manager


Reproduction project: https://github.com/taquitos/SPMBug

Attempt to build the test target. 

You'll get 
`Value of type 'TaquitosAreTheBest' has no member 'purchaserInfo'`


Filed through Swift project


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