NSURLCache docs have irrelevant/misleading iOS information

Number:rdar://8991238 Date Originated:11-Feb-2011 05:16 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Documentation Product Version:iOS 4.2 Library
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:N/A
The documentation for -[NSURLCache initWithMemoryCapacity:diskCapacity:diskPath:] states the following for the "path" parameter:

"In iOS, path is the name of a subdirectory of the application’s default cache directory in which to store the on-disk cache (the subdirectory is created if it does not exist)."

This note is irrelevant and misleading to developers because on-disk caching is not currently possible on iOS, since NSURLCacheStorageAllowed is treated like NSURLCacheStorageAllowedInMemoryOnly. This should be clarified in the documentation for NSURLCache.

On the other hand, if you wanted to enable on-disk caching through NSURLCache on iOS instead of fixing the documentation, I'm sure people would be even happier. :)


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