Safari 5.1 (OS X 10.7): No independent download progress window is available

Number:rdar://9991551 Date Originated:Aug 20, 2011 at 10:49 AM
Status:Duplicate/XXXX Resolved:Aug 30, 2011 at 11:39 PM
Product:macOS + SDK / Safari Product Version:Safari 5.1 (OS 10.7)
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
Summary: Safari 5.1 (OS 10.7): No independent download progress window is available.

Steps to Reproduce: 
 * Initiate a large download (e.g. in Safari running on Mac OS X 10.7.x.
 * Close all open Safari windows, and attempt to monitor download progress. 

Expected Results: Under previous OS versions, a "Downloads" window could be displayed by selecting "Downloads" from the "Window" menu. This window could also be toggled on and off by pressing <Command>-<Option>-L.

Actual Results: It is only possible to monitor a download via a pop-up sub-window that is only accessible from an open Safari browser window. Pressing <Command>-<Option>-L no longer appears to have any effect (it doesn't even toggle the new downloads pop-up sub window).

Regression: Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X 10.6 (Build 6534.50) does not exhibit this issue. Issue appears to be isolated to Safari builds running under Mac OS X 10.7. Running the OS X 10.6 Safari (Build 6534.50) under OS X 10.7 causes this issue as well. The same executable has the menu under 10.6 but not under 10.7.

Notes: It is often necessary to monitor downloads while working in another application (such as Xcode), especially for those with slower internet connections. The download window was an excellent tool for this. Perhaps it could be re-enabled through an option in the preferences or the "Develop" menu if the window not being available by default is not possible for design or political reasons.


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