TestFlight automatic update on devices creates "App has expired" alert then

Number:rdar://FB11864073 Date Originated:2022-12-09
Status:Closed Resolved:2023-02-06
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Since weeks, lot for users reported that latest TestFlight build tell on their devices “App has expired”, even if the TestFlight apps tell that the build will expired in 90 days.

Manually reinstalling the build, the app can be launch as expected.
Tested on iOS 16.1.2 and iPadOS 15.7.1


1. Building on CI. Code signing with Xcode could code signing.
2. Upload it AppStore connect et distribute it.
3. iPhone and Apple TV devices have the TestFlight apps with "automatic update" enabled.

4. The build is installed in background on devices.

5- Launching the app on the SpringBoard tells "MyApp has expired".

Without technical detail, it looks like the "automatic update" in background done not installed correctly the build and embed provisionning profiles.

Logs from iOS console:
Springboard (FrontBoardServices):
[APP_BUNDLE_ID - signature state: Profile Missing, reason: Provisioning Profile Not Found
Springboard (Springboard):
Attempted to launch an untrusted application scene sceneID:APP_BUNDLE_ID-default
Springboard (UIKitCore):
_willShowAlertController: <_SBAlertController: 0xdd0781200; title: "“APP_DISPLAY_NAME” Beta Has Expired">

If manually reinstall the build, all work as expected: app is launching.

Similar to other feedbacks here, but differently:
6. Open TestFlight App, go to "previous build".
7. Install a previous build.
8. Install the latest build.
9- Launching the app on the SpringBoard: This time, the app opens.


It sounds fixed on server side by Apple.

By py.bertholon at Feb. 25, 2023, 9:47 p.m. (reply...)

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