Apple News Subscription Alert in the Stocks app

Number:rdar://FB12144447 Date Originated:25.05.2023
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When I opened the Stocks app, I saw the Apple News expiration alert. I don't mind the alert but I am not planning to subscribe so I had the intention to dismiss the alert. I have realised that I am about to click on the blue button with the primary role and potentially be charged. I have pointed my mouse to the lower left corner because that's the usual place for the secondary button with the cancel role. One of the buttons is missing the role property or the role is set incorrectly. This is inconsistent with other alerts. Please see the annotated screenshots attached with the Music app with the correct configuration. 

You can see that the HIG illustration suggests that the "No Thanks" button should be first. 13.3.1 (22E261) Stocks Version 5.3 (1166)


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